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6 Reasons to Invest in Process Digitization

The digitization of processes is a valuable strategy to optimize the internal methods of companies, making them more competitive and organized. By doing so, the companies boost their financial results while they stand out from the competitors.

Corrective maintenance – what is it?

Corrective maintenance refers to the tasks aimed at repairing equipment that has malfunctions. This type of maintenance corrects errors and flaws in the devices, allowing them to return to their original function.

Meivcore TV – News January 2022

The importance of preventive maintenance

Equipment failures and breakdowns have a high negative impact on a company's productivity, increasing operating costs. Although it is impossible to eliminate unforeseen events, it is crucial to create preventive maintenance plans, which reduce the probability of problems arising in machines or equipment.

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Challenges of Industry 4.0 at Meivcore

The confirmation that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is already part of the daily life of some companies is in Meivcore itself. Industry 4.0 broke barriers between the different departments, interconnected teams, modified industrial processes, and improved working methods within the company.