The confirmation that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is already part of the daily life of some companies is in Meivcore itself. Industry 4.0 broke barriers between the different departments, interconnected teams, modified industrial processes, and improved working methods within the company.

One of the departments that created a differentiating competitive potential was Tooling, due to the standardized digitization of tools and, consequently, cost reduction. By streamlining the detailed and updated registration of inventory, as well as equipment inputs and processes, the need for maintenance or replacement, and cleaning, Meivcore can provide faster and more optimized responses to its customers. The procedures are more agile and standardized, facilitating the various stages of the work, without losing quality or safety.

In fact, Industry 4.0 revolutionized the efficiency of industrial coordination and technology. With containers made up of thousands of work tools, it was necessary to process data systematically, allowing management and decision-making in real-time.

For Élio Figueiredo, VP ‘Tooling’ & Logistics at Meivcore, there was great difficulty in tracking a specific piece of equipment before the tools were digitalized. “Previously, we worked with an Excel file where each sheet was a container and each line a tool. It was easy to lose control over the location of the article.”

The digitalization of the tooling benefited Meivcore in several aspects, namely:

  • Quality control: Meivcore can track the entire tool path from its acquisition, ensuring that it meets specifications when it arrives at a new job.
  • Less chance of human error: each tool has a label, whose code is inserted into the platform, to keep all records of use, maintenance, cleaning, and instruction manual or other relevant documents associated with the part.
  • Increased productivity: the efficiency gained by optimizing action processes to increase productivity. In other words, costs were reduced, and the speed of placing containers at customers' premises increased. And all this takes place without neglecting the steps, such as cleaning and maintenance.

“All these aspects are important so that nothing fails and a subsequent operation is not penalized with unexpected interruptions, due to the lack of maintenance of some equipment.” – said Élio Figueiredo.

With an increasingly frequent cadence of last-minute orders, it is crucial to meet customer expectations, having the contents ready to go, with cleaning, maintenance, and replacements made. Industry 4.0 is ushering in a new era of work, where machines and equipment are under control.

A new management reality was created due to tooling traceability and error reduction that ensured Meivcore solidity, success, and prominence. Not only does the company become competitive by reducing the purchase of new material, but also gaining market share and boosting sales.

The next challenge in this tool registration process, which will improve schedule profitability, is an automated reading of each label code. More time is left for workers to do other crucial tasks by reducing the administrative work of registering tool codes.